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Hand Showers for self-guided usage and better accessibility

Convenience at its best with hand showers For bathing and more

As any other good daily habit, we spend a portion of our time everyday in . This accounts for a lot of time on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Therefore, this time in shower needs to be spent well. So, instead of using a standard shower, get yourself a hand held shower and experience the feel of evenly distributed water on your skin rather than random water pistols getting unevenly shot at you. By opting for a hand held shower, not only do you get to have a better handling experience but you also get the ability to adjust the water pressure with its adjustable water pressure knob.>>Read more

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A rainbow shower head and a hand held shower head always come with their own handheld units, which allows you to attach them to your shower walls. You can do so easily with the help of a long rubber hose that allows you to remove it any time that you want for redirecting the path of its water spray. This lets you get the best bathing experience and lets you hit every angle of your body with the required amount of water. It is also a great water and energy saving item. The biggest perk of getting one for yourself is that you don’t need to be a professional to install it. All you need to know about installing them is how to install a regular shower head. A simple DIY tutorial and an installation guide would help too.

Hand held showers– For better comfort and flexibility

Get a spa-like experience with hand held shower

Our range of hand showers at xTWOstore offers improved comfort and flexibility over traditional fixed shower head models. They come in attractive colors like Chrome, Brushed cool sunrise, Brushed hard graphite, Hard graphite, Supersteel, Chrome / gold, Chrome / gold optic, Chrome / graphite, Chrome / white, Matt white / graphite, White / chrome, and Yellow. Handheld units are double used as massagers. As these also come equipped with multiple settings that help you create a spa-like experience right at your home. These also come handy after a hard workout as you can use them to ease your sore muscles, simply with an at-home massage therapy session, right in your own bathroom.

A handheld showerhead can also help you improve your everyday shower experience by letting you direct the water flow right where you need it. It also relieves you from the extra struggle to rinse shampoo out of your long hair, or wash out soap from your back, or any of those unreachable spaces. At times when you find you need both hands free, simply place your handheld shower head back onto its mounting bracket and use it as a fixed showerhead to get the best of both worlds. When making your purchase, you have over 20 series styles to pick your favorite from. Each of these series types hosts several different kinds of showers, which will help you in making a perfect choice. The choice of series include Carlton, Croma 100, Euphoria Cosmopolitan, Euphoria Cube, Euphoria, Grandera, Montreux, PuraVida, Rainshower Icon, Rainshower SmartActive, Rainshower Solo, Raindance Select E, Raindance Select S, Rainfinity, Relexa, Starck, Sena, Sena Trigger 35, GROHE Tempesta 100, Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100, and 1901.

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