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Toilet Types
Toilet Styles
Toilet Sizes

Toilet Types

Toilets differ in their installation, shapes and sizes. The choice of a toilet is made according to the layout of your bathroom and your tastes. They can be categorised as follows :

Close Coupled Toilets
The close coupled WCs are easy to install but take up more space than suspended WCs or back to wall toilet because the cistern is exposed. They are available with two types of outlets:

- Horizontal outlet: the drain pipe goes into the wall
- Verticale outlet: the drain pipe goes into the floor

Wall-Mounted Toilets
Wall Hung toilets are modern, space-saving and can be installed at the most suitable height. A wall mounting frame is essential for its installation.

Washout or washdown toilet
The washout pan is characterized by a kind of tray that receives faeces. It is mainly used in hospitals because it makes it easy to collect patients' stools. The washdown pan is hollow and filled with water so that the stool falls directly into it, thus masking odours.

Concealed or exposed flushing cisterns
The cistern you choose depends on the model of your toilet pan. Most of the time, the flushing cistern needs to be ordered separately. The choice is uncomplicated with a closed-coupled toilet as the matching model is proposed. Wall-mounted toilets have a concealed cistern and the use of a wall mounting frame is essential. It has two functions: as its name suggest it is a mounting frame for the suspended toilet and it contains the cistern and the pipework. Each type of cistern has its own advantage: if you take an exposed cistern, the repair will be comfortable because the tank is accessible and if you choose a concealed cistern, it will be less cumbersome and modern.

Toilet Styles 

A very broad choice of toilet is available so that you can personalise your bathroom as you wish. In recent years, the brands have innovated a lot and offered toilets in many different shapes and versions. Besides, the manufacturers offer complete series of ceramic ware to perfectly harmonize the bidet, the toilet, the urinal and the washbasin in your bathroom, thus creating an homogenous design in your bathroom.

Toilet Sizes

Standard WC
Standard bowls are about 60cm long and 40cm wide. We invite you to inquire about the dimensions before finalizing a purchase.

Compact WC
Compact toilets are specially designed for small spaces. They have the same design as standard WCs and are mostly wall-hung WCs.

Extra-Large WC
Extra-large toilets are specially designed for the elderly or heavy persons. They are more stable than standard toilets and thus give more confidence to people with reduced mobility.



Rimless WCs
The absence of rim makes cleaning much easier and it also reduces water consumption. Therefore, both economic and ecological reasons exist for choosing a toilet without rim.

The shower toilet combines the standard toilet and bidet. Simply activate the shower function to clean your intimates. Washlet are becoming increasingly popular to meet the hygiene and comfort needs of users. For example, Duravit SensoWash shower toilet seats and the GROHE Sensia shower toilet are among the most popular. 

Dirt repellent and antibacterial coatings are technologies that several manufacturers have developed and improved for years. They both ease the cleaning of the ceramic ware. GROHE PureGard, Duravit WonderGliss and Villeroy & Boch CeramicPlus all share in common prevent limescale from adhering to the ceramic whereas HygieneGlaze and AntiBac from Duravit and Villeroy & Boch respectively are efficient to fight against proliferation of bacteria

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